Using SHAPE in a Small Group

Discovering your SHAPE is a wonderful experience. To maximize your insight we recommend you share your SHAPE in a small group setting with others who know you well. Their support, affirmation, and clarifying questions will increase your understanding and self-awareness. You may want to print out the entire listing of Spiritual Gifts, Personality Styles, and Team Roles to review definitions and alternatives. If any of the results don't resonate or seem accurate, suggest retaking the assessment.

STARTING: Connecting with each other
        > What one word would you use to describe your week?
        > How would you describe your experience of SHAPE?

Important Guidelines for Sharing Your SHAPE

Accept: Celebrate each person's understanding of their unique SHAPE.
Listen: Seek to understand how God has uniquely created each person.
Attitudes to avoid:
        > Elevation: some gifts are more important than others
        > Projection: everyone should have the same gift as me
        > Rejection: I don't have any gifts

1. Begin and end with prayer for the person sharing their SHAPE.
2. Person shares their SHAPE using their summary printout, i.e.:

  • My top 3 Spiritual Gifts are: (read the descriptions aloud)
  • My Heart or passion is for: (share areas and sentence)
  • My natural Abilities from experience, skills, or roles are:
  • My Personality style is: (read the description aloud)
  • My Experiences in life that have shaped who I am are:

3. Identify, affirm, or help clarify how you have seen different parts of the person's SHAPE in action. Reflect on how the different elements of the person's SHAPE make a unique combination, and then brainstorm places where God could use their SHAPE to impact the world. (Not for the purposes of enlisting the person into a particular ministry, but for gather of ideas and possibilities for serving)