What to do with your SHAPE results

Next Steps for using your SHAPE:
We hope this assessment process has been both encouraging and helpful to you. You are a valuable piece of God’s story as you participate with others in Christ’s body, the church, and as you make a difference for God’s kingdom. In the process you will experience deep relationships with those you serve alongside and discover your own God-given potential. Here is how you can move forward in using your SHAPE:

1. Pray: ask God to help you discern a ministry connection to explore
2. Review: look through the list of current Service Opportunities through SBPC to find a ministry area or position that interests you
3. Connect: contact an SBPC Ministry Leader within the area of ministry you selected. Talk through your SHAPE results and explore the potential areas of service available
4. Volunteer: begin serving! If you discover this isn’t the best fit you can begin the process again.

Questions: if you would like help getting connected contact Karen La-Haise (Karen@solanapres.org )

Privacy Statement and Sharing your Results
All SHAPE assessment information is confidential, access will be limited to SBPC leadership. For internal purposes this website will be keeping statistical data. We encourage you to save your results to help you in selecting a place of service.